Cottage Decorating Ideas

Cottage style means many different things to different people. In general it indicates that the home has a fresh, country feel to it, with painted wood, fresh flowers, curtains blowing in the breeze and a casual, friendly attitude.

To start with, find some flowers. They can be fresh flowers from your garden, flowers your friends kindly donated to your efforts, silk flowers from the local craft store, or even origami floweres that you created yourself. Tuck them on shelves, create vases out of old glass jars, and bring the world of nature into your home.

Next, think casual and comfy. Get some big, fluffy pillows. Put snuggly throws on the couches. Add a nice thick rug or two where people tend to stand or sit.

Cottage style is about personalized artistry. Get some plain wood furniture from the local mill store and then paint it yourself. Add on stencils if you'd like, or decorate it with a little dragonfly or butterfly. Whatever strikes your fancy, add it on. Remember, you can always repaint it later when the mood strikes you again.

Don't worry about any formal rules. Cottage style is about casual, relaxed. Put your favorite Japanese print next to the Italian lamp. If the items make you happy, that's all that matters. Proudly show the artwork of family and friends, and rotate through items to give everybody their moment in the sun.

Create a spot by the window where someone could sit and read, maybe with a small table to hold their drink and book. Create a cozy nook for drinking tea in the morning. The bedroom should be warm and inviting. The kitchen should draw you in to bake up a batch of hot chocolate chip cookies.

So have fun decorating, and most of all, relax and enjoy! Life is too short to spend it obsessing over the exact match to your footstool. If your feet are up, and they're happy, then that's all that matters! That's what cottage style is all about!

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