Christmas Decorating - White Theme

Hallmark may have convinced you that the only colors for Christmas are red and green - but those are the colors of Santa and Christmas Trees! You can certainly have a WHITE Christmas and be not only authentic to the holiday but perhaps far more authentic than the 1900s creations.

Christmas at its roots was about purity and innocence, about a fresh start and spirituality. All of these things are well represented by the color white.

Start with snowflakes. You can make gorgeous snowflakes for your winters and doors out of regular pieces of paper. Fold them in half, then quarters, then eighths. Now cut random holes out of the sides with sharp scizzors and curve the top edge. Unfold and enjoy! The more you make, the more intricate your designs tend to become.

Get some white candles and tea lights to decorate tables and mantles with. If flames are a danger in your area, they have many battery powered options which are just as pretty. You can get plain wooden candlestick holders and paint them white or silver very easily.

White flowers are always gorgeous. You can easily make white origami iris and lily flowers with very little effort, following free instructions on YouTube. You can also buy silk flowers at the local craft store if your budget is a bit larger.

Many dollar stores have silver icicles or fluffy boas to wrap along staircases or hang from window sills. Scout out an inexpensive sparkle to add some magic to your holiday season.

A white sheet can easily turn into a beautiful new tablecloth or runner for your table. Decorate it with gold or silver fabric paint if you wish, or perhaps toss a handful of sparkly stars or other shapes on top as a highlight.

Best of all, hang up the holiday cards you receive from family and friends. They will remind you of the love and affection you receive throughout the year.

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