Christmas - Decorating the Foyer

Your foyer is what people see when they first enter your house - it makes a powerful first impression on them. If you decorate your foyer well, it will set the theme for your entire home.

First, decide what kind of a color scheme you want to go with. White? red and green? Blue and white? White and silver? This will help you plan out your decorations and atmosphere.

Next, start with the main door. A large wreath always works well. Wreaths come in many colors and varieties, and you can make or get one to match your theme. Both the inside and outside of the door can get this treatment.

Any windows in the foyer area can be decorated. You can cut out designs from colored paper and put them in the windows, from white snowflakes to green trees, from blue ornaments to red holly berries. Battery powered candles are perfect for the sills. I love the ones that are light sensitive, so they automatically go on at night and off in the morning. The LED variety are quite bright and use barely any battery power.

Next, if you have any stairs in the foyer area, find decorations to go along the banister. Make sure you stay safe! Don't put items actually ON the stairs or interfere with the railing area. Twine your garlands where they won't trip unsuspecting feet.

If you have space you can think about some items for the floor. You could make a small pile of presents in your theme colors, or perhaps a paper mache reindeer, santa or tree. Maybe you could find an inexpensive antique-style toy (a red sled, a green hobbyhorse) to decorate with a bow.

Remember, people will be coming in and out of the foyer, so don't create a danger with your decorations. You want people to be able to move about without tripping or knocking things over! With some thought and design you should be able to get a beautiful, decorated foyer which remains functional and safe as well.

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