Christmas Decorating - The Dining Table

The Christmas holiday is all about family, friends, peace and love. Nowhere is this more importantly reflected than at the table where you eat and nourish yourself and others.

First, remember that this holiday is about enjoying what you have - NOT about spending the most you can on solid gold candlesticks. Christ was born in a manger. His family was not wealthy in money! They *were* wealthy in love and care for each other. Have your table reflect that same honest joy in life.

First, think about what your Christmas theme colors are going to be. Will they be red and green? Blue and white? White and silver? Whatever your theme is, now it's time to decorate.

Start with candles. Candles are a beautiful part of every meal and have been going back thousands of years. Get some candles in your chosen colors or make your own. You can get inexpensive candle holders in many thrift shops. You can get really cheap wooden ones and paint them yourself, either in a one-tone color or with designs.

Flowers come next. Wintertime is usually the season for ivy, pine branches, holly berries and so on. If you have children or small animals in your home be sure to research the dangers of some plants such as mistletoe. You can create a silk version for little money which will last you many years, or if you live near a wooded area you might be able to pick up these types of items for free.

Placemats can be made from construction paper or fabric for little money. Keep your theme in mind, and decorate with fabric paints or magic markers. If you have a laminator even construction paper can become durable and multi-year.

You don't have to buy an entire set of special dinnerware, but sometimes just a single item can make a big impression. Look into getting just one "holiday themed" item - maybe a pie platter or a sugar bowl - that you bring out each year. It can become a part of your Christmas tradition!

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