Christmas - LED Sensor Candles

I love having very simple holiday decorations that are also very meaningful. One of the most powerful images to me is of a home nestled in the thick snows of winter, with candles in each window to help guide a lonely traveler in to his place of rest. This is a tradition that dates back thousands of years and is just as touching in modern times.

The Good Tidings LED candles with sensors are brilliant for many reasons. First, they use LED lights which means they are NOT hot to the touch, they are safely cool. They also burn for weeks and weeks without burning out. I love LED lights as being amazingly energy efficient.

They run on batteries meaning there are no dangerous cables to trip on or to catch fire. They safely sit on your windowsill, providing that soft candle-like glow, doing their job for travelers and people who drive by the house, all in perfect safety.

I love the color of the flame. It is a natural golden orange color. A few people have said they would prefer a pure-white flame. I'm not sure what types of candles people are burning in their homes to get white flames - that would scare me! We have a fireplace here and the fireplace's fire is orange. That is the color of fire :) I find that orange golden glow to be exactly natural looking and again it connects me with the thousands of years where people did have wax candles in their windows to help their loved ones return home safely.

Finally, the sensor aspect of these candles is simply brilliant. I put them into my windows and that's it. They turn on at dusk, they turn off at dawn. I leave the house in the daytime, and when I come home at night those candles are all lit, guiding me home, welcoming me. It is a wonderful feeling.

Highly recommended!

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