Budget Flowers

Mansions always had fresh flowers in every room, every day. Bring a bit of elegance into your own life in a much more cost effective manner.

First, think about photos. If your bathroom has five large photos of sunflowers, it can make the room feel sunny and warm without having to try to care for real flowers. You can get free photos from just about any magazine, just watch for ads or images that go along with articles. Often if you buy a photo frame it will come with a flower image in it - and you can use that default image.

If you have a digital camera, and friends with digital cameras, you can all swap photos with each other to build a virtual garden collection. You could have a new set of flowers for every month of the year, to rotate through your galleries.

Don't forget any artists in your group! Family and friends might be thrilled to give you a flower painting or two. Even if they are more abstract than realistic, they could be a nice mix in your rotation.

Silk flowers are a nice compromise if the room is really dark and simply will not support a real plant. Remember, though, that real plants create oxygen and are quite healthy for a room! So do try the real flower options if at all possible before you resort to a silk item.

Cut flowers are really expensive - unless you manage to grow your own garden in the back yard. Instead, get plants that can grow in small pots. There are many types of flowers that are very easy to grow. Usually they are quite inexpensive in small pots. Try a variety to see which you do better with and which appreciate the light you have available. That way the flowers last all year round for you, and provide some lovely oxygen as well!

Do consider growing a garden of flowers if at all possible. They will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them in their garden, and you can bring a bunch of them inside each week during the growing season to brighten up the rooms you tend to be in.

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