Cheap Bed Cover Ideas

We all need somewhere to sleep! It is so wonderful to walk into your bedroom and feel it is beautiful and welcoming. Here are some inexpensive ideas for you to make your bed seem more inviting and pretty.

Make a Quilt
There's a reason that the very poor pioneers all used quilts! Quilts were a way to use the scraps of fabric left over from keeping themselves clothed. Check with family, friends and fabric stores for extra fabric bits. Often you can get an entire quilt's worth of fabric for free.

Then simply lay the bits of fabric out and sew them together! You don't need to be fancy - and the quilt will become a truly special part of your life. You can make several, because layers definitely work very well at keeping you warm!

Check with Local Senior Homes
If you're working 3 jobs and don't have time to make a quilt, then talk with your local senior center. Many elderly people spend time on crafts like these and are thrilled when they can really help out a person with their work. They have the time - you have the freezing cold bed.

You don't have to necessarily pay out a lot of money to have this be a solution. It could be that you can work out a trade where you can help them with something that you're good with. They might be thrilled to have someone help them with the cooking for example, and your time and energy will be repaid with a beautiful blanket you'll treasure forever.

Fabric Paint
Get yourself a really cheap but warm blanket, in a plain color. Then get some fabric paints and decorate it! If you love seahorses, then draw seahorses all over it. If you love hummingbirds, add those in. Get an artist friend to help out if you're not great at this.

For the more adventureous, you can even get glow in the dark fabric paints for some nighttime fun! Create one design for daytime, and then have your other "secret" design show up when the lights go out!

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