Bathtub Cheap Decorating Ideas

One of the most luxurious ways to spend a few hours is in a long, quiet bath. Here are ways to decorate your bath area that are cheap and lovely.

First, there are many recipes for bath salts, bath beads and oils that are very inexpensive and quite wonderful. Make up a few recipes in different colors and fragrances.

Next, find some inexpensive colored glass bottles at your local flea market. Fill them with the various bath beads and oils you've created. Decorate your bathroom with them, and enjoy them as frequently as you can.

Next, get a small CD player or MP3 player. Play music you really adore while you luxuriate in your bath. The music will add a whole new dimension to your experience. You can put on soothing ocean waves if you do not want to listen to "music" and still bring a relaxing aspect to the room.

Have a clean towel waiting for you, and a washcloth. Having a smaller towel by the foot of the tub - to stand on while you dry off - can be quite nice on the toes.

Don't forget the candles! Make your own candles for very little money, or buy them inexpensively at a discount shop. You can also make or buy candlesticks that fit in with your bathroom's theme. Remember never to leave a candle burning unattended. If it's not safe in your area to have a lit candle, they have many battery-powered candles now that look just like a live flame.

Get a pretty coaster for the side of the tub to hold your glass of wine or your favorite drink. Get the room prepared while the tub fills with water. Make sure that anybody else in the house knows not to disturb you. Put the phone on go-to-answering-machine. Remind yourself that many illnesses are caused by stress - so it is important that you make time for yourself every day to ease stress back out of your system.

Now, enjoy! Sip your drink in relaxation while you listen to the music or read your favorite book.

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