Bathroom Wall Decorations

You actually spend a lot of awake time in your bathroom, and much of the time in there you're just sitting, staring at the walls. It's well worth it to have the walls decorated in a way that you really like!

First, of course, it's easy to repaint your room to give it a new look. Try soothing colors and patterns. Find some stencils and add in decorations to match your theme - maybe a few little seahorses, or some seashells. My personal favorite was to paint both of our bathrooms in a soft blue-green shade with a sponge like effect. It makes me think of drifting seas and cloud-filled skies.

If you live anywhere near a beach, you can always pick up free sand dollars, seashells and other decorations to add in. You can put them on the sink or hang them on the walls. If you're not near a beach, enlist family and friends to help you out.

If you like to travel, track down an interesting element from each place you visit. You might find a crab shell in one beach, and a piece of sea glass from another. The history behind each will make the decoration more personal to you.

When you get catlogues in the mail, keep an eye out for interesting beach themed images. You can always put those into inexpensive frames and hang them on the wall! You could literally change the image every month, to keep it interesting and new.

Consider a stained glass window effect with glass paint! That will keep the room light, but give you the privacy you want.

Colored glass jars are always pretty in windows, and can hold bath salts and bath oils in an easy to use, lovely manner.

Don't go overboard with knick-knacks though. You don't want things to fall and break while you are moving around in the bathroom using the towels or other items. Make sure you balance beauty with safety! If you have a number of items you'd like to display, consider rotating them every month. That way you always have something new and interesting to look at, and the room stays spacious.

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