Inexpensive Baby Room Decorations

If there is a baby in your life, you know how important it is to save every dime. Babies are expensive! Here are frugal ways to care for your little one.

First, remember that babies grow VERY quickly. A theme you think is wonderful when they are one is going to be hated by the child when she is four or five. They might get a fondness for Grover - and six months later it's Barney the Dinosaur. Don't decorate for a lifetime. Go with a basic theme and color, but then use wall decorations and throw rugs for the details. That way you can change the specifics quickly and easily.

Along this line, magnetic and chalkboard paints are great ideas. They let you add new decorations and change the themes as often as you wish. A lot of being a child is about being creative. Your child might want to draw with all purple chalk one day, all red chalk the next. By giving your child a blank palate, you let them explore their horizons.

Don't forget the windows! Get some stained glass painting kits, with either liquid or sheets of plastic. These are perfect because you can change them for each season, as well as for the moods of your child as he/she grows.

Consider allowing your child to draw on the walls. Yes, you'll have to repaint in a year or two! But until then your child will have the joy of being artistic, of truly customizing their room to be their very own. Taking photos of the room could become a cherished part of the family photo album.

Whatever you do for decorations, make sure the room is SAFE. Check every corner - especially down at baby level. Babies grow very quickly, and you might not realize your kid can get into a corner until you see the baby there. Cover every electrical outlet. Make sure nothing can be pulled over by its cord. Make sure the room contains no lead paint. Your baby's health must be your primary concern.

Budget Decor Tips

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