Drinking Adequate Water - Larger Breasts the Natural Way

Hopefully just about every human alive nowadays knows how critical adequate water intake is to good health. Water moves all vitamins and nutrients around in your system, it flushes out toxins, it keeps your skin healthy and elastic. Since your breast is really just a skin pocket with fat in it, the water state of your body is critical to looking good!

Try to drink eight glasses of water a day. It may seem like a lot if you're not into drinking water, but really, it's not that much at all if you keep water near you. Bring bottles of water in with you to work. Keep a bottle in a knapsack at school. When you're home, keep glasses of water near your computer or TV. Keep spare bottles of water in the car with you. No matter where you are, make it a normal practice to drink water while you go about your day.

Soda is not a good substitute for water. Many sodas actually help dehydrate you! And cola has been shown to have bad effects on womens' bones. It's really best to drink water, or flavored water, if you want some sort of a change.

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