Exposure to Sun - Larger Breasts the Natural Way

It seems that lounging on a beach is a teenage girl's rite of passion. While young girls love running around, getting exercise and splashing in the water, teenage girls are trained that the proper activity on a beach is lying there like a beached whale, soaking up the harmful UV radiation from the sky.

Sure, your skin toasts to a browner color, which, ironically, beautiful women in the 19th century would have been horrified by. At the same time as toasting you, that sun is doing some really nasty things to your skin, including prematurely aging it. The longer you stay in the sun, the more dry your skin will be, and the more quickly it will leather and wrinkle.

Definitely never use a tanning salon! This is a quick-fry method that will age your skin even faster than normal. While sun tan protecting lotions help slightly, the best solution is still to stay out of the sun and wear a hat. If you get skin cancer, you won't care about looking 'buff' - you'll worry about being alive to see another birthday.

You know how people talk about beautiful skin being "as smooth as a baby's bottom"? That type of smooth, beautiful skin is the natural state of skin. It only gets rougher and leatherier because of sun exposure. Elegant women in the 1800s maintained gorgeous skin by staying away from the sun, shielding themselves with parasols and porch canopies.

Certainly, maintain an active lifestyle. Go out hiking, biking, and kayaking. But at the same time, minimize unnecessary sun exposure to keep your skin as lovely and healthy as possible.

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