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There are many breast firming lotions on the market, and many of them are quite expensive. Do they work? To answer that question, you need to understand something about breasts. First off, they are simply a layer of skin stretched over fat. So your aim is to keep that skin healthy and supple, so it remains elastic and stretchy. If the skin gets wrinkled, stretched out, or droopy, the breasts show this clearly.

All skin on your body has three layers:
* epidermis on top
* dermis in the middle
* subcutaneous on the bottom

The epidermis is what most of us think of as "skin". It's not that thick, really, but it protects your entire body from infection. Every 4-6 weeks your entire epidermis is cycled through. That is, new skin starts at the bottom of the epidermis. It slowly migrates upwards, and eventually reaches the "outside" where it becomes part of your corneal layer - the tough, outer layer. This outer layer gets worn down, especially on your feet and palms where it is very tough. It is rubbed away and flaked away, replaced by the newer skin beneath it.

So you never have "old skin" in your epidermis layer. That layer just keeps replenishing itself. That's why when you get a tattoo, it has to go down into the deeper, dermis layer. If you got a tattoo in your epidermis, after a month it would be gone!

While the epidermis is what is seen by people, and gives your skin that "healthy look", the dermis is what holds your skin together. The dermis layer makes your skin strong and elastic. The tissues that hold together your dermis are called elastin fibers and collagen. This is like a network of fine wires criss-crossing in a gelatin solution. They let your skin stretch and give, they give it shape and substance.

So for your breasts, both systems have to be healthy for them to look good. The outer layer needs to be vibrant and alive, not dull and flaky. The under-layer needs to be elastic and resilient, not droopy and wrinkly.

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