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There are many expensive lotions on the market specifically geared towards helping your breasts look better. On one hand you can say "how can a lotion target your breasts?" but on the other hand if you think about it there are already hand lotions, foot lotions, face lotions, neck lotions and even under-the-eye lotions, so it's not a big leap of faith to go towards the breast lotion.

Really, all of these lotions are geared at keeping your skin healthy. They want your skin to be moisturized so it's not dry and flaky. They want your skin to be elastic, so it's not droopy and saggy. That's true whether it's under your eyes, under your chin, or under your breasts.

Many lotions claim to have vitamins in the lotion to help your skin. First, it is absolutely true that vitamins are critical to skin health. You need to make sure that you take your vitamins daily! But the way vitamins get into your skin cells is that your blood system carries the vitamins from cell to cell. If you remember your basic biology, vitamins go into your stomach and are absorbed into your blood stream. Your blood stream then goes all around your body, down to the tiniest cappilary vessesls, and delivers those nutrients to each and every cell.

If you read my article about what skin is, you'll realize that the outer top layer of skin is all dead cells anyway. You can moisturize those cells, so they look better. But the live skin cells can't absorb vitamins from the outside by smearing that top dead layer of skin with them. Vitamin C, for example, while critical to cell health, washes away in water. So any lotion you use with vitamin C is just going to wash right away with your normal sweat.

Many of the vitamins used in lotions help the lotions maintain their color longer, and hold their mixture ratio longer. So the vitamins in essence are "preservatives" for the lotion. Of course the companies also love to hype the vitamins to convince people the lotions are somehow nourishing you! But really, the most a lotion can do for you is moisturize. The act of putting on a lotion can be just as helpful as the lotion itself - because the massaging and stroking you do helps increase the blood flow to that area of your body, increasing the vitamins that part of your body is getting.

So, to summarize, make sure you take ample vitamins in your diet every day to actually give your skin cells the vitamins they crave. Certainly use lotion to keep the outer dead layer of skin cells looking soft, but it is not necessary to spend money on expensive vitamin-laced products for this purpose.

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