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Journalling has been proven by many, many studies to help with goal reaching and to help with self improvement. When you want your breasts to become more healthy, this is definitely self improvement, and it is a goal you need to reach! So keeping a daily diary can be critical to your success.

For each entry, write down the date and time of the entry. Then track:
* Vitamins taken that day
* Exercises done
* Tapes listened to
* Firming creams used
* Activities engaged in
* General mood and attitude

Once a week, measure yourself, both weighing your on the scale and taking measurements with a tape measure. Measure across the top of your breast, then right underneath the breast. Also measure your waist and thighs if you wish.

Do not worry about weighing yourself more frequently than weekly. Every person's weight goes up and down in a given week depending on what part of the monthly cycle it is, what they just ate the night before, and other normal types of fluctuations. You are looking for long term trends that matter.

The more notes you keep, the easier it will be to see that progress is being made!

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