Press Ups - Breast Exercises to Enhance Breast Size / Shape

The breast itself is just a pocket of skin full of fat and blood vessels. You can't 'exercise' your breast. However, your two breasts are right on top of your chest muscles. If you build up your chest muscles so they are stronger and firmer, now your breasts have something stable to rest on top of. A healthy, well-built set of chest muscles can have an enormous positive impact on how firm and healthy your breasts look.

Press ups are an easy way to improve your chest muscles without any equipment. Make this a part of your daily routine. This may sound funny, but I would do these every time I used the restroom, against the side wall of the stall. Usually there wasn't anybody in the restroom anyway - I would do 10 quick reps. If you do that each time you use the restroom, and are drinking adequate water so you're going 4-5 times a day, that builds up your muscles quite nicely!

To do a press-up against a wall, face the wall and put your feet about hip-width apart. Stand about a foot and a half from the wall. Put your hands against the wall at shoulder height, at shoulder width apart. Now lower yourself slowly to the wall, hold for a 3 count, then press yourself back up again. Sounds easy - but it works!

If you have time at home for a quick exercise routine, you can make it more complex. Get on your hands and knees with your stomach straight. Lower yourself slowly to the ground, count to three, and then slowly raise yourself back up again. The further you stretch your hand from your knees (or eventually your toes), the better your chest muscle workout. Be sure to keep that back straight!

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