Clothing Choices for a Slim Figure

Slim / small breasted women face a problem when shopping for clothing. Many fashions are designed for a "hefty" woman and provide a large breast area. When a slim woman wears that outfit, the clothing may gap or droop in the breast area, which looks silly! You need to find clothing that properly accentuates your slim form of beauty, and that fits you properly.

General Tips
A critical aspect of dressing with a slim figure is how you "treat" the breast area. You never want a tight fabric that is plain and pulls flat across the breast, like with a tube top. That will mash down the breasts. On the other hand, you don't want a super-loose top, because that will make it look like you "don't fit" in the top, that you don't fill it out properly.

Your idea top will fit gently but firmly around your breast area, to highlight the curves you do have. The outfit should also have "visual interest" in that area. Things like lace, gathered fabric, sparkles, and so on will make the breast area "pretty to look at". It's not that you necessarily want people staring at your chest! But when people DO look there, you don't want the only focus to be the size of the chest. You want there to be something ELSE there to catch their eye and focus. A lovely shirt design is perfect.

Here are some clothing designs that I find I really enjoy.
The image on the right is a HolyClothing outfit. These are PERFECT for slim figured people, because they tie to fit whatever shape you are. The breast area features gorgeous, intricate designs. It helps you to look feminine and pretty without focussing attention on your cleavage. HolyClothing has a wide number of styles. There are thin-strap sundresses (both long and short), short sleeve summer dresses, mid-sleeve fall and spring dresses, and even gorgeous long sleeve wintry dresses that are perfect for formal occasions.
Oriental clothing is also perfect for a slim bodied woman. The ideal beauty of an oriental woman is portrayed as being slim and small breasted - and the clothes reflect that. The intricate designs of the fabrics help to give an overall good look of a woman in "harmony" - all body parts in proportion with each other. No one part is supposed to be "big" - all should be an integral part of the whole body. You can get a long dress for formal occasions, or try an oriental shirt with a pair of black leggings for a more casual look.
For nightgowns, just about every nightgown out there is designed for a BayWatch Body. You have to do some searching to find a nightgown built for the classic, slim figure instead. The trick here is to think vintage Hollywood. In the days of Bogie & Bacall, the slim figure was ideal. The styles of nightgown worn then were elegant, sexy, and perfect. They featured lacy, fitted bodice areas and sweeping gowns. I realize MidnightGlamour is expensive, but look there for ideas first, to know there ARE gorgeous gowns in the world. Most are made by "Olga". Once you figure out which styles you enjoy the most, then look for similar styles with a lower price tag.

Regency Clothing
Think Jane Austen. Women back in the regency period wore long, beautiful dresses with high, small bust areas. It was the normal style, and women with giant busts simply wouldn't fit in the dresses. Feel romantic and beautiful in these styles!

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