Keeping Breast Skin Clean - Larger Breasts the Natural Way

Your skin is constantly growing and renewing. The top layer of skin replaces itself every 4-6 weeks, so there is always dead skin on the top that needs to be removed. Also, dirt and lotions and oils can clog up your pores, leading to acne and other problems.

While it's great to put on a moisturizing lotion for part of the day, to keep your skin supple and young looking, it is also critical that you give your skin a good cleaning every morning and night, and choose some part of the day to have your skin able to breathe normally. Your body removes toxins by ejecting them out of your pores. If you clog all of your pores up with lotions and oils, they cannot get out of you in the natural cycle.

You want to clean but not irritate your skin. Stay away from harsh stripping cleansers or rough scrubbers. There are many exfoliating scrubs on the market that are both effective and gentle. You want something that gently massages away the dead skin and dirts, but does not damage the fresh skin beneath. When you use a washcloth or buffing glove, again make sure that it is able to scrub away the dirt but not harm the skin.

Each of us has different skin and different levels of sensitivity. What is too soft for one person is just right for another. So experiment with a few types of washclothes, a few types of buffing lotions, until you find one that works well for you. Then use them! Make this part of your daily regimine. The better care you give to your skin, the longer it will stay young and fresh looking.

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