Celebrities with an B Cup

It's easy to look at movie and TV celebrities and think they all have gigantic, inflatable breasts. But actually, many celebrities have B cup breasts - they just know how to dress to look beautiful overall! Take a look at some of these celebrities, and realize that even though they could easily pay for implants, they have chosen not to. They think they look gorgeous just the way they are. The rest of the world agrees!

icon Julie Andrews - 34B
Julie Andrews did in fact go topless in a Blake Edwards movie - she was proud of her shape! She is best known for being perky and enthusiastically optomistic about anything she tackled. She could be a beloved nanny in Sound of Music or a feisty 'male musical singer' in Victor Victoria. Whoever she was, she always had a great intelligence and a charming sense of wit and fun!

icon Lauren Bacall - 34B
Lauren Bacall was sultry and smart, and could hold her own against Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep. She made many movies which showcased her gorgeous body and her witty mind.

icon Brigitte Bardot - 36B
Talk about a vamp! Bridgitte Bardot is a sexy as they come, and she's a slim, trim package. Go for the outfits that are short and sweet, that emphasize your entire womanhood and don't try to point out one particular area.

icon Cher - 32B
One of the most sexual women of our age is going strong and looking gorgeous even as she ages! A great advantage of having smaller breasts is that they don't turn into giant sag-monsters as you get older. Women with larger breasts often have them literally droop to their waists as they age. Small breasts remain high!

icon Cindy Crawford - 34B
Cindy Crawford's poster was on the walls of many a teenage boy - and it was because she was athletic and energetic, fun to be with. This wasn't a large-breasted woman who would only be good in a posed position. Cindy could run and jump with the best of the boys, and keep up on ski slopes or biking trails. Guys loved that!

icon Cameron Diaz - 34B
Cameron Diaz is an incredibly sexy woman - and when people think of her, they think of "Lively! Fun!". They don't think specifically about the breasts being "big" or "small", they think of her as being a well proportioned total package that is happy and fun to be with. She doesn't hide by the wall, ashamed of her body. She gets out there and boogies, and people love that!

icon Barbara Eden - 36B
Does anybody even think about "not huge breasts" when they think of Barbara Eden?? No, they think of how incredible her waist was! It's that thin waist, that wiggle in her walk that captivated millions of people. Yes, she wore really pretty bras that looked lovely, but it was the outfits that stood out, not her top-heaviness. So wear some lovely tops!

icon Farrah Fawcett - 34B
Talk about the classic pin-up poster girl! Farrah was all about big, blonde hair and that happy, wide grin. She was always up for something fun, and many of her posters had her skateboarding, swimming or just enjoying life. She was one of the most popular pin-up girls of the 70s!

icon Sarah Michelle Gellar - 34B
Probably the most downloaded female star in the 90s, Sarah Michelle Gellar and her Buffy fame brought an even higher appreciation of a woman's intellect to the table. The guys I know all loved her because she was so smart and ready to do what needed to be done.

icon Katharine Hepburn - 34B
Katharine Hepburn was the ideal woman for many men, and the role model for many women! She was beautiful, intelligent, world-wise, and knew how to take care of any situation. Woe be it for any man who tried to boss her around!

icon Ashley Judd - 34B
Ashley Judd is a down home, friendly girl, the one you'd be happy sharing all your hopes and dreams with, the one you trust not to laugh at you for your goals of the future. You can pull her close in a heart-warming hug, and not be kept at a distance by huge, over-inflated breasts!

icon Heather Locklear - 34B
Heather Locklear is definitely a pin-up girl that also has an attitude. You can find posters of her in white lingerie, but also posters like this one where she can take on the world. She's a woman with many different facets. People find that intriguing in a person!

icon Andie McDowell - 34B
Andie McDowell is a movie classic, also appearing in many commercials. When you think of Andie, you think of someone you can snuggle up with, that you can trust and that would be fun on the ski slope or at the lodge afterwards. Her breasts aren't large, but they are firm and in shape. Anybody can do the exercises and eat the healthy foods to achieve this!

icon Olivia Newton-John - 34B
Olivia Newton-John is the one in the black cat-suit in the middle, if you've really never seen Grease before!! She was the classic sweet-girl-in-white who turns into a sultry vixen to please her leather-wearing boyfriend. Just what was the message here? Maybe it was that a woman can look both incredibly sweet and incredibly sexy depending on what she chooses to wear!

icon Gwyneth Paltrow - 34B
Gwyneth Paltrow went topless in Shakespeare in Love, and millions of men fell in love. She is intelligent, wise, and incredibly soulful. She has a fun sense of humor and is eager to try new things. That's the charm that works!

icon Michelle Pfeiffer - 34B
Michelle Pfeiffer has played many sultry roles over the years, including Catwoman! She is the epitome of slinky grace, with her eyes able to grab a hold of you and never let go.

icon Julia Roberts - 34B
Think of Julia Roberts and what do you think of. You think of her gorgeous smile! The way her eyes light up, the way she just looks HAPPY. Yes the rest of her is beautiful. But you're drawn in by the warm smile.

icon Jane Seymour - 36B
Jane Seymour was a Bond Girl in the 70s, and was in many other films. To be chosen as a Bond Girl is quite a feat for any actress! Her natural beauty and charm shone through every part she played.

icon Brooke Shields - 34B
Brooke Shields was famous in The Blue Lagoon and several other movies for her innocent teen-like beauty. One of the advantages of having smaller breasts is that you retain that teen look long after the teen years are behind you! Many men find this quite attractive, since for many the teen years are the prime years of their lives, energy wise.

icon Jaclyn Smith - 34B
Yup, another Charlie's Angel shows up on the list! Jaclyn Smith was always thought of as the "gorgeous sporty Angel" too! She could be elegant, fun, athletic, or anything else the situation required.

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