Wear a Properly Fitting Bra to Ehance Breast Size / Shape

Studies have proven that up to 90% of all adult women wear the wrong sized bra! We decide on a bra size sometime during the teenage years and despite our body changing many times after that point, few of us ever bother to re-check our bra measurements!

Breasts are part of the female body. They are sensitive to the usual things that can harm a body - lack of blood, constriction, etc. But many women insist on tourniquetting this body part because they never bother to pull out that measuring tape. And the result is that their breasts are damaged from being pushed and pulled into unnatural shapes.

So the most important thing I can recommend is Measure Yourself. To start with, stand barefoot in front of a mirror and take a measuring tape. Put it around your chest right beneath your breasts. Now if the number is odd, add 5". If the number is even, add 4". Don't ask me why bra manufacturers do these bizarre things to us, it's how they do it. This total measurement is your Bra Size.

So say you measure 32". That is an even number, so you add 4" to that. Therefore your bra size is 36", and you take a 36" bra.

Next, you need your Bust Size. Take the same tape and now make it go across the top of your nipples. Don't pull tightly, just measure with gentle pressure. Let's say your bust size is 39". The difference between your bust size and your bra size determines the cup letter. So you have:

0" = AA
1" = A
2" = B
3" = C
4" = D
5" = DD

Of course an inch is a rather large measurement! So many women find themselves between two letters. Luckily many bra manufacturers are now coming out with half sizes, to make a bra fit even better.

Now that you know what bra size you should be wearing, go to the store and buy some! If you enjoy push-up bras, get one or two of those. But for most of your bras, get bras that support your breast but do not bind or constrict in any way. You want your breasts not to sag, so you need the support to keep them firm. But you also want your breasts to stay healthy which means they need adequate blood flow at all times. A bad bra can lead to -

* droopy breasts
* stretched / stretchmarked breast skin
* back aches

So choose bras that fits you, and re-measure yourself yearly!

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