Natural Breast Enhancement - Audio Tapes that Enhance Breast Size

Hypnosis used to be laughed at as an impossible trick. However, numerous studies have been done which prove the success of hypnosis if the listener truly wants to change. That is always the trick. You can't hypnotize someone to do something they don't believe in. You can't hypnotize someone to kill a person they love. You can't hypnotize a person who loves chocolate to hate chocolate. But you can hypnotize someone to feel more strongly about something they already do believe in.

So if someone wants to quit smoking, really wants to quit, hypnosis can help them remember tricks to avoid the cravings. It can help them think about going for a jog instead, or going out to do some gardening. It can help redirect those energies in another direction, to help them get through the "pull".

So what do audio tapes about breast enhancement do? I've listened to them and primarily they help you feel good about yourself. Which is critical! Many women who feel unhappy about having smaller breasts have low self esteem. This means they don't wear well fitting clothes, which further damages their breast health. They don't eat nutritious foods - which further damages their breast health. They have poor posture and hide in corners, which minimizes the breasts they do have. In so many ways, a woman who already feels poorly about her breast size and shape makes things even worse through the way she acts.

So from that very basic level, listening to an audio tape that helps the woman feel better about herself can have a direct effect on the appearance of her breasts in many ways, from health to nutrition to exercise to better clothing. All of these components combined can have a substantial impact on the breast's appearance. But again, the woman has to really and truly want things to get better. If she feels that audio tapes are stupid, she just won't get much benefit.

What about the claims that fat cells "migrate to the breasts"? That "blood flow increases"? These may not actually be as far-fetched as they might initially seem. Let's take the blood one first. Breasts are sexual organs. Just about any sexually active woman can tell you that their breasts get "aroused" during sex, just as much as a man's penis gets engorged and aroused. Skin is a flexible item, as are blood vessels. Let's say you never got aroused. Your breasts never filled with blood in that manner. So they would be a small size and just stay at that small size - they'd never know any different. But let's say you had daily arousals. Every day, your breast's blood vessels were flooded with blood, pushing the fat out of the way as the blood vessels grew. Yes, when the blood rush stopped, they would shrink back down, but perhaps not quite as tiny as they began. Each time you get that blood rush through, the blood vessels engorge and push other 'stuff' out of the way. And each time when the rush subsides, things don't quite settle back into place.

So just as some women can bring themself to orgasm just by thinking sexual thoughts and causing the blood to rush to their lower regions, women can just as easily engorge their breasts by thinking breast-enhancing thoughts, usually with the assistance of a hypnotic tape. Their breasts get warmer and tingly as they do this. Yes, when the tape is over, the blood supply goes back to normal. But by doing this daily, the breasts do in fact 'swell' over time.

In addition to this blood supply expanding the area, it also rushes nutrients to the area and removes toxins. This is absolutely good for any body part to be healthy.

The fat migration claim is harder for me to believe in. But as any woman over 30 can tell you, women's bodies are genetically programmed to store fat in certain locations, and those locations change over time. Women under 30 don't tend to collect fat in their bellies, for example. But once a woman hits 30, the belly storage location "turns on" and women develop a pouch. It's how evolution has helped to keep women who are no longer actively bearing children alive and healthy, so they can now care for their children as the kids grow up.

If the body is genetically designed to store fat in the belly, and this only "turns on" after a certain age, is it that far-fetched to believe that fat can be "designated" for other locations? Look at puberty. Before puberty, fat isn't stored necessarily in the breast. It just gets put all over the body. But once puberty hits, POOF, fat knows to go and be placed in the breast. Why does it know to do this at puberty? How does it know when to stop putting fat into the breast, i.e. that "enough fat is there"? All of these are simple body processes that involve shuttling fat from place to place. Something must be controlling which fat goes where and where it is currently appropriate to store the fat.

In any case, whether or not the fat claim is true, the other health claims are certainly true. So really all you need is any self-help tape that encourages you to feel good about yourself, and put in some words to specifically concentrate on the breasts as the part you want to feel good about. That will help encourage you to take your vitamins, to wear a properly fitting bra, to stand up straight, to take good care of yourself. Even if you just do those things, the appearance of your breasts will greatly improve.

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