Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

We have a Sonicare unit that we normally use. When we received this review copy of the Oral-B Vitality Floss-Action unit, we of course were comparing it against our Sonicare unit. So I'll start by saying that we already agree that having an electronic toothbrush is a good idea. It's now just a question of which one to get.

In comparison with the Sonicare unit, this one feels very harsh. We get zero cavities with the Sonicare unit, so it's doing a great job. It's not "too mild". Our dentist praises us on how well our teeth are cared for. I don't see the need for the extra agitation this unit gives.

There are no LEDs anywhere that we can see to indicate this unit is charging. It would be good to know that it is charging or is fully charged, so that electricity isn't being wasted.

There's similarly no battery indicator.

Finally, with the Sonicare, you get a blink every 30 seconds to change mouth quadrants. That way at the end of 2 minutes you know you've handled each quadrant evenly. With this one, you solely get a buzz at the end of 2 minutes to tell you you're done. So you have to manage your time yourself. I like the quadrant approach for more accurate mouth care.

So yes, it is certainly better than doing your tooth brushing manually - but there's many features they left out.

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