2004 Roster of Cloned Animals

Not that long ago, many felt that cloning mammals was decades away. Then, with Dolly the Sheep, we began cloning animals left, right and center! Where do we stand in 2004?

1996 - Dolly the Sheep
History was made when Dolly, a cloned sheep, was born in 1996. British scientists made that breakthrough.

1998 - 2 Baby Cows
Researchers in Japan saw 2 calves born exactly 2 years after Dolly's birth. They hoped to solve hunger issues by developing cows with better milk producing capability and healthier meat.

1998 - Cumulina the Mouse
Cumulina was the first mouse ever cloned, and she lived to a very old age - 95 in human years. She had two litters of babies and then was allowed to live the rest of her life in quiet.

2000 - 5 Baby Pigs
The US enters into the cloning arena by creating 5 baby pigs. Pigs are often used for research since their organs are very similar to humans. By having clones for research, it can help make the research results more accurate. More pigs were born in 2001.

2001 - Copycat the Kitten
In a move that sparked many pet-owners to pick up the phone, a tortoiseshell cat was cloned, creating the kitten Copycat who was an exact duplicate of her mother.

2003 - Idaho Gem the Mule
Mule racing is a HUGE industry, and since mules cannot have children, it is full of 'dead ends' who cannot breed new generations of winners. Idaho Gem was cloned from the champion race-mule Taz. Soon mule races may be raced between an entire field of clones of the same animal.

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