Archeopteryx is a fake - creationism myths

Because Archeopteryx was such a publicly reported transitional fossil find, many creationists target it for specific attacks, saying it is a fake fossil.

This argument was loudest when only one fossil existed. Creationists demanded that it was obviously a fake because it fit into the niche between reptiles and birds so nicely. Unfortunately for them, soon more fossils were found. Now creationists had to backpedal, saying the fossils did NOT fit neatly between reptiles and birds.

They tried to claim that the feather imprints in the fossils were fake - even though there are many fossils with these "fake feathers". The creationist disputers then focussed on the "tail feather", even though the fossil clearly showed that, like all birds, the tail area was made up of several bones with several feathers.

Some creationists point out that even scientists call the archeopteryx a "bird". Actually, scientists use a naming hierarchy invented in the 17th century that tries to give a general category to all life. All life forms get put somewhere on that tree, where it best belongs, even if it's not a perfect match. The archeopteryx has feathers. So it goes into the bird category. That doesn't mean it is ONLY a bird, just that it doesn't have anywhere else better to go.

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