Cambrian Explosion - Creationist Myth

One myth creationists discuss is the Cambrian explosion. Apparently many new species appeared, fully formed, at this point in time, and they say that only God could have done that.

First, when was the Cambrian period? That was around 590 million years ago to 505 million years ago. The creatures at the time were invertebrates - i.e. creatures without backbones. Since most fossils we have are of things with bones and shells - dinosaurs, birds, reptiles, etc. - having a fossil of something with NO backbone is extremely hard.

The creatures that lived in the period before the Cambrian period were of course simpler than the invertebrates, meaning they were soft and gooshy. That's a technical term :) We do in fact have some Ediacaran fossils. We even have fossilized bacteria. They just aren't as spectacular for people to look at in museums!

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