The Complex Eye - Creationism Myth

Creationists often point to the eye as being so complex that it must have been designed. However, there are many examples of the eye's evolution from simple light-sensor to complex visual organ.

The analogy is sometimes given of finding a watch, working perfectly, without finding any gears or springs. However, in biology we DO find those gears and springs everywhere. Many types of worms have light sensing organs. Many insects have eyes that see only basic shapes. Dogs have eyes that only see in black and white. Humans have eyes that see colors. Parakeets have eyes that see into the infrared spectrum. Owls have eyes that see in low light conditions. The eyes have adapted and changed in various animals depending on what that animal needed to survive.

Some animals even have multiple types of eyes. The mollusk has some eyes which just sense light, and others which can see shapes. Some animals have eyelids, others do not. Some have a third eyelid. How the initial "light sensing" organ developed in each creature all had to do with what best kept that creature alive.

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