Evolution is Only a Theory - Creationist Myth

Creationists often make a big deal of evolution "only" being a theory. This demonstrations that creationists do not understand what the word theory means in science. Theory actually means "a group of concepts that together explain a phenomenon".

For example, the earth rotating around the sun is a "theory". It is a working set of different ideas (physics, cosmology, etc) that define a system. That theory is *composed* of many facts - the sun is a star, the sun has gasses at its core, etc. But you don't call a system of ideas a "fact".

To try to make this clearer to creationists, many scientists have begin calling evolution a "fact", because it is not in dispute by the worldwide body of science. Creationists simply do not understand the standard terms of science, to think that "theory" somehow means it is in doubt. There is no doubt about evolution. It is the accepted and proven method by which organisms change over time.

Evolutionary changes have been documented within the past 100 years, those changes are documented facts. For a creationist to deny evolution, they would have to deny the changes which have happened within our own lifetime.

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