Seoul National University has Cloned a Human

Researchers at the Seoul National University have released data to show that they have created cloned human embryos. They are using these few-day-old embryos to extract the stem cells that many feel are vital to research.

Note that the researchers in Seoul, South Korea have NOT created a human child from these cells. They have only created new human embryos for use in stem cell research. Many researchers feel this is critical for finding cures for Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries. Christopher Reeve, himself a victim of a spinal cord injury, has been a vocal proponent of these research methods.

The best stem cells come from embryos that are only a few days old. While some say that abortion tissues could be used for this purpose, most abortions are done long after those first few days have passed.

The Seoul scientists have no intention to use their technology to create human children. Their sole focus is to use the stem cells to find solutions for the many diseases which stem cells can be an invaluable aid.

Humans naturally create clones all the time. Every identical twin or triplet born is a clone of the original fertilized egg which then chose to divide. The Seoul research is the first time that a human clone has artificially been created.

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