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In addition to sun signs and moon signs, astrology involves twelve houses that help influence your life and personality. In essence, at the moment you are born, there are constellations all around the earth. The sky around the earth is divided into 12 slices, and each slice holds constellations in it. Depending on when you were born, a slice might have one constellation in it, or two, or none. Depending on which signs end up in which slice, this has an impact on the horoscope.

First House - Self
The first house is the slice closest to the horizon (but below it) on the eastern side. So if for example when you born you looked at the horizon and saw the constellation of Gemini currently rising just over the horizon, you would say that Gemini was in the first house.

Your first house is the key house. It is about your self, what you value and cherish in life.

Second House - Possessions
The second house is the second to rise over the horizon after your birth. This controls your material wealth - your possessions, your income, your investments.

Third House - Communications
The third house controls how you communicate with others. It watches over family relationships, your schooling.

Fourth House - Home
The fourth house controls your house and home. This is your life at home, how you are when everyone else has gone to sleep.

Fifth House - Creativity and Sex
The fifth house controls your inventiveness, your creativity, your passions and desires.

Sixth House Service and Health
The sixth house controls your health and how you help others to stay healthy.

Seventh House - Partnerships
The seventh house controls all arrangements - these include business and personal connections.

Eighth House - Death and Regeneration
The eighth house controls the main changes in life - birth, death, having children, and afterlife.

Ninth House - Mind and Long Distance Travel
The ninth house controls higher levels of communication - higher education, philosophical insights, long trips to explore other worlds. It is about studying knowledge and making advances.

Eleventh House Friends and Hopes
The eleventh house controls long term supports to your life - long term friendships, long term hobbies, groups that you enjoy for many years.

Twelfth House Karma
The twelfth house controls the luck and fate involved in your life.

HOMEWORK: Look at your own chart, and see which constellations fall in which houses. Look at how the characteristics of the sign combine with the houses.

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