Vacations for Leo

Leos love attention. You probably are very aware of this by now! So a key to finding a vacation that a leo will love is taking advantage of that love.
First, if you can afford it, find a vacation where your leo will be lavished. There are many ways you can go about this. The most common way is to take a cruise. Crusies are famous for their pampering - lots of delicious food, bottles of delicious wine, personalized care and entertainment. A leo is in heaven on a cruise ship.

Another option is to book an exclusive tour where your leo can get back-stage access to people and places not normally seen. This might be an exclusive tour of wineries at Napa Valley, where your leo cann chat with winemakers. You could go on a tour of Stonehenge on a special day where only certain people can be there. Whatever your leoís favorite hobby is, find a way to make that even more exclusive.

If you donít have a lot of money, find ways to customize the trip in smaller ways. Buy some massage lotion and arrange to give your leo long, relaxing massages after each day of travel. Arrange for a limo just for one evening to take you to that special restaurant or event.

However you arrange to treat your leo, your leo is sure to appreciate the effort and attention. Your efforts will give them special memories to boast about back home!

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