Dating a Leo

Leos are the sign of the lion for good reason. On one hand, they love attention and will roar to demand it. On the other hand, they are strongly attracted to family and loyal partners. Having a person by their side is very important to a leo. So while the leo might sometimes be demanding attention, at other times the leo will use their clout and power to keep their family happy and safe.

If youíre dating a leo, youíll see both sides of this. Sometimes your leo will make a fuss to get attention - whether itís complaining at a restaurant that the food isnít right, or parading a new outfit so that itís noticed. Your leo will proudly show you off - but perhaps get petulant if you get TOO much attention.

At other times, your Leo will make a huge effort to ensure you are happy, showering you with gifts and affection. Your leo treasures you even if itís not always obvious.

Anything you do to help a leo feel special will be much appreciated. This includes big, showy signs of affection, personalized gifts, and public congratulations.

For dates, go out to restaurants that are full of interesting people - where a leo can really stand out in the crowd. Go to movie premieres and fun musical events. Get to that art show opening so you can hobnob with the artists and make some interesting contacts.

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