Pet Zodiac Information

Whether it's your cat or your dog, your parakeet or your gerbil, every pet has his or her own zodiac sign. Learn more about the zodiac of your pets!

Aries pets like to be kids, even in their old age. Play with your aries pet, getting them colorful toys and bright, cheerful decorations. Find a cool nursery rhyme that involves their animal type, and make it their special saying.

Taurus pets are very traditional. They will fall in love with their favorite toy, love to hang out in their favorite spot. Figure out what your pet's favorite treat is, and reward your pet often!

Gemini pets are always up for fun. They are very social, as long as their "friends" are equally fun-minded. Find ways to have your pet interact with other critters, or if that's not possible, be sure to spend lots of time with your pet yourself!

Cancer pets are very sensitive - they know when you're upset and need companionship. Be sure to give your cancer pet a lot of love and affection.

Leo pets love attention! They want to be lavished with care and affection, and to feel like they're the star of the show. Be sure to show off your leo pet to family and friends!

Virgo pets like things to be just so. They don't want to feel neglected. Be sure to be prompt with feeding times, and to give your virgo pet enough attention each day.

Libra pets adore beauty. Find a toy or accessory that is really special, and your libra pet will appreciate it for years.

Scorpio pets love things that are different and exotic. Look through the toy selection and find something really unusual for your pet to play with. Try out interesting new foods, too, as a special treat.

Saggitarians love to explore. Find a toy that isn't easily understood - that requires poking, prodding and testing to figure out.

Capricorns value security. Get your capricorn a snuggly place to sleep, a cozy toy to curl up with.

Aquarius pets love to dream. Get your aquarius pet something to inspire them, maybe a toy from a distant land.

Pisces pets have incredible imaginations. Find a hand crafted toy, and play new and interesting music for your pisces pet. They'll be thrilled!

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