Vacations and Trips By Sign

If you're planning to take a trip or vacation, be sure to check your sign and the sign of your partner or trip-mate. This can ensure things go smoothly!

Aries - Stubborn and Childlike
Don't put an Aries in a situation where they're out of control like on a cruise or guided tour. Instead, find something where they can choose their path and it's fun and unusual. Exploring wineries in Texas or biking through Amsterdam would be exciting for them.

Taurus - Traditional and Quality Minded
If your Taurus loves Sherlock Holmes, go on a trip to England to explore the haunts, and stay in a nice hotel. If your Taurus loves New Orleans, get a classy room on Bourbon Street. Your Taurus likes the nice lifestyle and steeping in traditional situations.

Gemini - Flirtatious and Fun Seeking
A perfect spot for a Gemini would be a beach-side bar with lots of guys and girls to laugh with. Roaming the shops during the day and dancing all night would suit most Geminis!

Cancer - Sensitive and Psychic
Cancers would enjoy mystic trips, such as to Stonehenge or a haunted castle. Find somewhere mysterious and bring along a journal to take notes.

Leo - Proud and Charismatic
Leos love attention. Find a vacation where they will be lavished - maybe a cruise or an exclusive tour where they can chat with winemakers. Give them special memories to boast about back home.

Virgo - Perfectionist and Logical
For your Virgo, plan a trip to the local museums, and map it out step by step. That way you know when they open and close, and find the best restaurants to go to afterwards.

Libra - Beauty and Romantic
Libras will love visiting gardens in full bloom and natural wonders. Stop by that Zen Garden and then spend a few hours picnicing on the lake.

Scorpio - Passionate and Exotic
Scorpios love exploring the undersides of life. Go somewhere exotic and out of the ordinary, track down the restaurant that only the locals know about.

Saggitarius - Adventureous and Exploring
For a Saggitarius, pick a new city at random and just GO there. No plans, no ideas - but your Saggitarius will certainly think up plenty once you arrive!

Capricorn - Security and Value
Don't waste money frivolously with a capricorn - find the best value, and choose places to stay that are known for their quality. Your Capricorn will want a safe place to stay after each day's trips.

Aquarius - Eclectic and Dreamy
Don't go with the ordinary for your Aquarius, find that off-the-beaten-path old chapel, the garden that's been untended for years but holds rare roses. Meander slowly along the beach and see what you might find.

Pisces - Sensitive and Imaginative
Pisces love artistry, so a local museum or music hall might be a good choice here. Go through the local galleries by day, and visit the local jazz clubs at night, to immerse yourself in the culture.

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