Free Astrology Course - Moon Signs

Your primary astrological sign is your sun sign. It is your public face. But every person also has a moon sign, which governs their hidden, private side. Do you know your moon sign?

Interestingly, while most modern day people only pay attention to their sun sign when looking up horoscopes in papers or on websites, it is the moon sign that the astrologers of old paid the most attention to. Your sun sign is your daily life, how you interact with others. But your moon sign is what you are really about, what your dreams and hopes are, what you are REALLY like.

The moon is far closer to us than the sun is. The moon has real, measureable effects on our tides and oceans, on the fertility of many animals, on natural cycles around the world. It's just as important to you.

Your moon sign has a powerful impact on your total personality. If you feel your sun sign does not describe you well, this is probably why. You are probably more powerfully pulled by your moon sign, and if you discover what that is, you will realize just how aptly it describes you.

If you don't know your moon sign, Download this Free Astrology Program and it'll create a chart for you!

Homework: Find out your moon sign, and the moon signs of your friends and family. See how they help you learn more about their personalities.

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