Billy Joel - Songwriting Taurus

Billy Joel, the famous singer, songwriter and piano player, is a Taurus. He was born on May 9, 1949 in the Bronx, New York. Interestingly, while his father was a German Jew that was even imprisoned in Dachau, Billy was raised as a Catholic.

Billy's parents were both musical and Billy himself began piano lessons at age 4. He loved the music of Paul McCartney and James Brown and by 1964 Billy was in a band of his own. He got more and more into music, even playing on Leader of the Pack.

Billy hit the big time in 1973 when he released Piano Man, a song about his time at the Executive Room - a piano bar in Los Angeles. A few albums later, in 1977 the release of The Stranger hit it big with a number of popular tunes.

Billy Joel has written a wide variety of musical styles, from the quiet piano of Piano Man to the rough hammering of Pressure, to the social commentary of Allentown. He has had two wives. One, Elizabeth Webber (married 1972-1982) was his manager which caused many problems. The second, Christie Brinkley (married 1985-1994) left because of the distance caused by his constant touring.

Billy Joel is definitely a taurus. When he chose a woman to love, he stuck with her over the years, even when there were difficulties. He was romantic, writing songs about them and about his daughter. He had his traditions - for 20 years, he ended every concert with Piano Man.

In Chinese astrology, Billy Joel is an Ox. This is also a tradition minded, deliberate person. They are faithful, loyal, and work hard to achieve their goals. They are also very dexterous - definitely true of the nible-fingered Joel!

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