Uma Thurman - Focussed Taurus

Uma Thurman is an amazing actress whose talent shines on and off screen. This Taurus uses her rock-solid sign to form a base for every role she takes on.

Uma was born on April 29, 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents were both fascinating people. Her mother had been a fashion model from age 16 and had been married to LSD guru Timothy Leary. Her father was born from wealth and had become a Tibetan Monk - the first American to do so. When the two fell in love, they married and created a fantastic world in which they raised four children.

Uma grew up travelling the world with her parents. She went to India several times, and her home life was full of fascinating discussions and ideas. The Dalai Lama came to visit. By age 14 she was acting in the Crucible, and by 15 she was in New York City, dedicating her life to acting.

Her true fame came when she was shown in Dangerous Liaisons and The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen. In one she played Venus, and in the other an innocent girl who is seduced. She then starred in a string of movies, most notably Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.

Each time Uma has fallen in love, she has shown rock-solid loyalty to her partner and a willingness to sacrifice to do the right thing. This steadfastness has earned her some true friends. When she was pregnant during the Kill Bill movie, some wanted director Tarantino to find a new actress. He stuck with her, and the results are spellbinding.

Uma isn't caught up in the Hollywood life. She's happy being home with her children, building a family life for them, and being the best mother to them she can be. A taurus doesn't fall for the glitz and glamour. They look for the meaning behind it all.

In Chinese astrology, Uma is the sign of the dog. Coincidence? The dog is also the most loyal of Chinese signs, standing by their family and treasuring their homelife.

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