Britney Spears - Toxic Saggitarius

Britney Spears has captured the hearts of millions of fans with her saggitarius charm. Saggitarius is the most adventureous of signs. She was born on December 2, 1981.

Saggitarians are independent and full of enthusiasm. They love to flirt and love to date a number of partners. They love to explore new lands, learn new things, talk to many people of many different backgrounds.

Britney Spears was clearly a talented, precocious child. She was training in New York by age 8, and part of the Mickey Mouse Club by age 11. She was still a teenager when she became a top singing sensation.

In Chinese astrology, Britney is a rooster. Roosters are extremely talented and gregarious. They have many friends and are quite loyal to them.

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