Michael Jackson - Ladyboy Virgo

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. That makes him an animal lover, a perfectionist, and shy and reserved. His ladyboy looks fit right in!

Jackson's exotic animal farm at his Neverland ranch fit right in with his Virgo personality. His reclusive nature is perfectly portrayed in Virgo's shyness.

In Chinese mythology, the lady boy is a dog - loyal to those he loves, quiet and dedicated.

Michael Jackson was born in a large family, the 7th of nine children. By the time he was eleven, he was on multiple grammy-winning records. He never had a normal childhood, and was so famous that he wasn't even to go for walks or to movies without great fanfare.

As he grew older, he became quite guarded, not dating or going out at all. He built himself a large retreat, Neverland, where he was able to stay with friends and family in safety.

Michael has had three children, and divorced twice. His friends are quite loyal to him, but the press looks for any opportunity it can to malign him.

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