Basics of Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is an incredibly ancient belief. It was in use as far back as the 40th century BC. It was promoted by Emperor Fu Hsi - 2953-2838 BC.

There are many legends about why the animals were chosen to represent the 12 years in the eternal cycle of Chinese astrology. The most popular legend says that God hadn't yet devised a way to track time, and he called animals to him to work on the issue. The order in which the animals showed up on his doorstep is the order in which we go through the years now.

Just as in western astrology, there is far more to Chinese astrology than just the year you were born in. Chinese astrology doesn't say that every single person born in the year 1970 is exactly the same! Note that the Chinese new year does not begin on January 1st, so it's important for people who were born in January and February to check the Chinese New Year date for the year in which they were born, to see what animal they are.

The most important secondary characteristic in chinese astrology is the element. There is a 12 year animal cycle - but there is also a 60 year elemental cycle. These elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

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