George Lucas - Stubborn Taurus

George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944 in Modesto, California. Once drawn to racing, he became one of the most famous movie directors of our day.

George is a Taurus, making him stubborn and loving of tradition. You can see that love stretching through his Star Wars saga. There is a strong love of tradition in the Jedi network, and in the way the various cultures battle to retain their independence.

Taurus love home and family, and again and again we see this theme in George's movies. Leia and Luke are thrilled to find each other, brother and sister. Anakin's rage at losing his mother knew no bounds. Anakin and Amadala risked just about everything to be together.

Lucas is also heavily influenced by his moon in Aquarius. This gives him the rich creative talent, the desire to help other people through his chosen method of communication - his rich, epic movies.

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