Sarah Jessica Parker - Passionate Aries

Sarah Jessica Parker, the take-charge writer of a sex column in Sex in the City, is an Aries. She was born on March 25, 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio.

Sarah was a natural entertainer and was on TV by age 8. She was a girl of the arts - studying ballet with the American Ballet Theater and opera at the Metropolitan Opera. She was on broadway by age 11 in The Sound of Music and Annie. By age 14 she was in film with John Lithgow.

Sarah has been in many movies and TV shows since then, each displaying another aspect of her talent. She is most famous for the Sex in the City series, which won many awards for its frank and honest look at how women cope with life.

An intelligent, skilled and caring woman, Sarah has balanced her professional life with her home life. She stayed with Robert Downey Jr for 7 years before deciding it wasn't working. She began dating Matthew Broderick (another child star) in 1991, married him in 1997 and is still with him today. They had a child in 2002.

Aries around the world can take great inspiration from the balance of talent and heart found in Sarah Jessica Parker. She is indeed an ideal Aries woman!

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