Martha Stewart Astrology - Typical Leo

Martha Stewart, the domestic goddess who pushed herself to succeed, was born on August 3, 1941. This makes her a creative, dramatic, high standards Leo.

Leos are notorious for being powerful, proud and aiming high with lofty goals. This was certainly true of Martha, born in an era where women put on aprons and quietly tended to their husband's needs! Martha instead found ways to perfect her local parties, then to cater for others, then to build a publishing empire based on the knowledge and skills she had honed.

Leos are not very good with money - and this has proven to be a huge problem for Martha. In 2000, she was fined over $200,000 for tax problems. She was recently found guilty of improper ImClone stock trading and may be sent to jail for a while as a result.

If Martha remains true to her Leo background, she will fight through this problem with all of her energy, and then find a way to claw her way back up to the top - either with her current entertaining and organizing skills, or by developing an entirely new set of skills with which to impress those around her.

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