Free Astrology Course - Planets and Your Sun Sign

Astrology is not simply about where the sun is when a person is born. It's about all planets as well as the moon and other astral bodies.

For example, your sun sign is your main sign. It is the astrological area the sun was in when you were born. It controls your main personality. But the moon is your hidden self. Whatever astrological area the moon was in when you were born, that affects your total astrological makeup.

Here are each of the planets, and what it controls!

The sun is the primary astral body in astrology. Your sun sign is your primary sign, the one that most people know about. This is your public and primary characteristic.

The moon is the opposite of the sun. Where the sun is your public personality, the moon is your private self. it is how you are when you are alone and able to be yourself.

Mercury was named after the god of communication, and this planet controls how you communicate with others and how you think about issues.

Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. Venus the planet controls how you deal romantically with others, how you act in situations of passion and love.

Mars was the god of war, and the planet mars oversees the world of conflict, temper, of energy and desire. It controls how well you get along with others and your family.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It controls goals and success, optimism and luck.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, obstacles and doggedness. This is the planet of fate, of tasks you will have to undertake in order to move on with your life.

Uranus is about quick change, slow alternations, inventions and discoveries. It's about the turning points we reach in life.

Neptune controls your psychic abilities, your dreams, your ability to connect with powers beyond this world. It controls imagination and creativity.

Pluto was only discovered in 1930 and is relatively new to the world of astrology. It controls subconscious desires and hidden emotions.

Homework: Consider a few sign combinations for each planet, and consider what the meaning would be for the combination.

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