Watercolor - Paintings by Contemporary Artists

Sometimes you want books on how to do a task - and sometimes you want a book to inspire you in creative ideas for that task. Watercolor - Paintings by Contemporary Artists falls into the second category. This isn't a How To book for watercoloring. It's a book full of modern takes on what watercoloring is all about. Watercolor - Paintings by Contemporary Artists

There are all sorts of books out there that highlight the works of masters. You can find those historic paintings easily on the web. What this book offers is different. It collects together a number of modern artists, to show what is being done with watercolors in our current times.

I think it's important to make this clear. This book will NOT teach you how to watercolor. It won't showcase famous watercolors from John James Audubon or Paul Cezanne. It takes on the latest crop of painters, in a wide range of topic areas. This means - naturally - that you might adore some styles and might hate others. Heck, you might adore certain paintings by a specific painter and not be fond of other of their paintings. That's ok! The point of this book is to show the range of things you COULD do with watercolors. We're all different. We all have different interests and styles. That's the beauty of art. This book will have different reactions from different readers. I imagine we'll all have quite different paintings we enjoy here. With 21 different artists featured, there's something for everyone.

I read the ebook version of it, and I found that format was great. I could zoom in large, on my computer monitor, on a given image and focus on it. I loved the intro image, Flirt, by Sujean Rim, who wrote the preface. The colors of the skirt, the lively spatters around the girl, all bring the image to life. I also enjoy how they show images of artists' work areas. In many ways that's as intriguing as the images themselves.

Yes, there are a few sets here which I don't feel inspire me much. I won't call out names. But it could be that the very images I find to be uninspiring, someone else adores. I'm quite fond of Helen of Troy 1 and 5, with their gentle colors and soft feel. Some I find fantastic artistically but just not something I'd be interested in painting. That's ok!

Parents should note that there's some nudity in here. It's up to you to decide if that is all right or not for your chosen audience.

I enjoyed the book immensely, for its insight into a variety of watercolor styles.

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