Prang Oval-8 Watercolors

I have spent most of my adult life being a writer. I write medieval novels, mystery novels, non-fiction novels, and a plethora of web content. I realized recently that I hadn't been stretching my brain enough to keep it creative and active. I decided to take up watercoloring. I'd always wanted to try watercolors, but had been afraid of failure. I finally decided that I should simply do it for my own enjoyment, and not worry about "success". Still, I decided to start inexpensively, just in case I found it wasn't for me.

Prang Oval-8 Watercolors My quest was to find a watercolor set that was inexpensive enough to start with - and also good enough quality that I didn't quit out of frustration with awful tools.

The Prang Oval-8 watercolor set had a number of good reviews, so I decided to give that a try.

I was thrilled! Yes, it only has eight colors, where other sets have more. One could say that really all you need is red, yellow, and blue, and you can make any color you want. So with this having eight colors, and not just three, you get some extra help with the other colors. The colored cakes work great. They moisten up easily and I can make a range of dark and light results. I also like the cover that keeps the colors dust-free. It makes this incredibly convenient to carry along with me on trips or even around the yard.

The promo for this kit claims it has a white tray for mixing. What they really mean is that when the lid lays open, you could mix colors in the lid. But then you'd have to clean that really well before you closed it up again. I prefer just using a normal Corelle plate for my color mixing. That gives me more room to work with and the colors wash right off at the end.

The brush that came with this kit wasn't as great as the paints. The hairs come out of the brush quite easily. I'm fairly frequently picking hairs out of the colors or out of my paintings. Still, brushes can be found easily enough. It's a good enough brush to start with.

All in all, I'm quite pleased. I'll be curious to "upgrade" to a set with more colors - will it really help that much? I'm having enormous fun blending together colors out of the eight provided here. Maybe I would lose some of that if I had some sort of a thirty-two color set where they were right there in front of me already. I'll have to see. But I can highly recommend this one as a starting point. It's inexpensive, it comes with everything you need (except paper) and it's quite convenient to move around.

The colors in this set are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, and black. It comes with one brush.

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