Crayola 16 Watercolors

My intro comment is that it's extremely bizarre that a product listing for a set of colors don't list the colors provided or even show an image of those colors! The default photo has half of the colors hidden. I have posted an image that shows not only the colors in the kit but also what they look like on watercolor paper. Please contact me if you'd like to see more photos of what you get in this kit - I'm happy to post them. Crayola 16 Watercolors

So, that being said, this is a great kit for kids to begin with. I am a strong advocate of kids exploring the world of art. It is great to help them develop self confidence, creativity, problem solving skills, and to build a life-long habit of stress release and expression. There are just so many reasons that art is a wonderful thing to have in life.

A key feature of this color set is that it is *washable*. So many times parents and caregivers resist artistic projects because of the mess. They don't want the kids to destroy clothing, wallpaper, carpets, etc. With this kit, the child can be as creative as they wish and the world around them is fairly safe. The kid can paint every day, building skills and joy, and the house is going to survive.

The kit comes with sixteen colors. In generic terms these are white, purple, dark blue, dark green, lime green, light orange, red, violet, brown, light purple, light blue, forest green, light green, orange-red, pink-red, and black. Again, you can look at the photo I posted and ask if you'd like to see it on other papers. Remember that with watercolors these are only the "starting colors". You mix them together to form any color you wish. So these are the starting points to make any specific color you desire.

It comes with one size 3 brush.

If you're an adult, experienced watercolor painter, then this kit might not seem as rich or useful to you. And that's ok! There are many other kits out there that are meant for that market. This kit here is meant to be washable. It's meant to be a perfect way for kids to be able to have fun without parents putting a halt to it. I am all in favor of that. Enthusiastically. Joyfully. Crayola 16 Watercolors

Highly recommended for kids. All kids should have crayons, watercolors, chalks, and other types of "ingredients" and be encouraged to see what the world has to offer.

I purchased my watercolor kit with my own funds :).

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