Lisa Shea's Artist Statement

Photography, Watercolors, and Origami

Lisa Shea discovered at an early age that she loved a variety of creative arenas. She took photographs everywhere she went. She drew countless pictures. She enjoyed folding origami. She wrote poetry and stories.

As she matured into an adult she relished having these multiple tendrils. She has folded origami to provide the themed decor for a Today show wedding. She has published 20 fiction and 67 non-fiction books. Her photographs and watercolors have been seen in a variety of venues. Her daily life intensely involves photography and writing, as she owns and runs a number of large content-based websites.,, RomanceClass,, and several others, draw a combined traffic of over 30 million pageviews a month. Much of that traffic is on the fiction pieces, non-fiction articles, and photos that she posts daily.

There are several themes which tend to wend through Lisa's prose, photography, paintings, foldings, and other pursuits. One is that she feels the downtrodden and marginalized should be supported to have a chance. All of Lisa's fiction novels give 100% of profits to battered women's shelters and she donates many other of her projects' income to charity. In Lisa's images and words she strives to create a sense of optimism; a sense that, with effort and perseverance, a better outcome could result.

Rose Parks Obedient Worcester Courthouse
Obedience - for themed art show, in the style of Jenny Holzer

Another of Lisa's central themes is the embracing of serenity and peace. So many times precious energy is squandered on stress, guilt, or wallowing in a past which cannot be changed. The more we can find a sense of peace within us, and cultivate our energy to use in a focused manner, the more we can achieve our goals and dreams. This is valuable not only for us directly, but also for all of those around us who we wish to help and support. This theme especially shines through in Lisa's many photographs of quiet, natural scenes.

Ripley Tennessee Cypress Tree
Ripley, TN Cypress Tree

Most of all, Lisa enthusiastically strives to learn and grow every day. She is continually exploring new techniques, researching new styles, and extolling the diversity which is our world.

Lisa actively embraces social networking and would love to talk with fellow artists and fans about the world of art. Please contact her at:

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