Games and Hobbies I Enjoy

I work from home and often my days can start when I wake up and run until I fall asleep. I've found it's important to make the time to relax and allow my brain to have some fun. It keeps my creativity fresh for work tasks. Here are games and hobbies I enjoy which keep me going!

Strategy Gaming
I grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons, Axis & Allies, Shogun, Risk, and similar games. As computer games rolled out I quickly got hooked on games such as Command & Conquer and StarCraft. I still remember how much fun playing the first Dune computer game was, rolling my little harvester around to gather up the spice. I'm always looking out for new games to enjoy.

Medieval Life
I do medieval swordfighting as a fun exercise; in terms of hobbies I enjoy writing medieval novels. The novels are set around 1200-1300 and feature a female swordfighter who has a brave love by her side. Together they right wrongs and help make the world a better place.

Guitar and Piano
I've played piano since I was quite young, and several years ago I took up the guitar as well. My boyfriend is a talented musician and plays guitar, bass, and drums, so it's enjoyable to play music with him!

I love the meditative quality of folding origami, and enjoy giving them to friends and family as presents. I have many popular YouTube videos on origami, and also sell origami. LisaShea Origami Sales

These hobbies are all in addition to our more exercise-based activities such as mountain biking, volleyball, hiking, and so on.

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