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Friends and family support you when you need help, they give you encouragement when you're drooping, and they cheer your achievements when you reach your goals. I'm a firm believer that family is not about biology and blood - it's about who you choose to be part of your life!

Bob - Love of my Life

Bob See Ah, college. Robert See attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute - WPI - during the same years that I was there from 1986-1987. We were in the same general group of friends. Time passed, I got married in 1987, dropped out, entered the working world, got divorced. When I ran into Bob again we were both working at Banyan in 1993, seven years later. We went out to lunch together nearly every day, played cribbage, and went to an anime festival in Boston - all as friends. I moved to St. Louis for a year and he was still waiting for me when I came back.

It was time to try out a relationship. We began dating in the summer of 1995 and by September I'd moved in with him. We've been together ever since! He's an awesome chef, a wonderful partner, and whatever task I take on, he is right there by my side lending his support and effort.

Mensa Writing Group

Once a month I get together with a wonderful group of friends to discuss poetry, short stories, biographies, and other creative projects. This is an entertaining, enjoyable time for me!
Mensa Writing Group

Geek Girls

Once a month I get together with my Geek Girls group. These are all women who own their own tech companies. We are great brainstorming resources for each other!
Geek Girls

Lisa's Genealogy

My family line traces back in a variety of directions! I'm half Ukrainian, part German, part English, part Native American, and have all sorts of other shades of coloring as well :)
Lisa Shea Genealogy

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