Rob N - Sweet Second

After my first relationship broke up after a year, I was pretty upset. Since my mom had broken us up because I was having sex, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Would she actually expect that I would now date a guy and never have sex with him? I didn't go out looking to date anybody, but in my circle of friends was a very sweet, slightly older guy. I was a senior now, and he was out of high school and working at a grocery store. His name was Rob N.

Rob was a straight-forward, honest, sweet person. He was well liked by everyone and could be depended on. He had a great sense of humor, and was a comfortable, happy presence in any situation. He was very much a best friend that I could lean on and tell anything to. He was very supportive, caring, concerned and reliable.

Soon we began dating. Rob was Jewish and lived in an upstairs suite at his parent's house, and they were great, too. They treated him as an adult and he deserved that responsibility. I really enjoyed being with him, being with his family, and he even asked if I would come back and marry him after I graduated from college.

Rob came to my senior prom and we had great fun. But as I ended up my senior year and prepared to head off to college, it just didn't seem fair to try to maintain a long distance relationship with him while I studied to be a biology / computer person. He wanted someone to stay home and care for his family, but I wanted to have a career and make a difference in the greater world. It just wasn't a good fit, and I sadly said that we should break up.

Rob was a great boyfriend for my senior year. Someone dependable, someone fun, someone that was truly a best friend. I hope that he has found a woman to be his loving wife, to raise the family for him. And for his family's sake, I hope it was a Jewish woman (or one that enjoyed the Jewish traditions), as that was an important part of their world.

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